The client

Our client has multiple businesses (over 10) and a diverse range of business support requirements that differ across their portfolio.

Opting for our Business Partnering service, the client needed a fast and flexible support package, as with an ever changing set of requirements, a standard set of accountancy tools was never going to be right for them.

The Issue

The client required both a full scope of accountancy work plus the development of the necessary in depth knowledge and experience of their businesses. Rather than sitting back and waiting to be asked, our team needed to act pro-actively and provide a functional “head of finance”.

MJ Goldman were also required to look at new business opportunities and advise on them and their suitability as an investment.

As the client puts it, “It is really useful to me that the Goldmans solution and work goes well beyond standard practice stuff – my requirements include banking, correspondence and dealing directly with my business contacts including both suppliers, customers and banks.”

We’ve even been asked to train and coach other team members the client has performing different functions for their business.

The Solution

Given the complex nature of the client’s requirements we did not want to limit the support package offered to regular accountancy practice. Our approach with Business Partnering is to be able to tackle anything the client throws at us both competently and in a timely manner.

What the client says about the solution we offer, “It’s like having my own book keeper, accountant, tax adviser, banker, commercial FD & process expert all wrapped up in one, Barry’s attention to detail is second to none”.

“I am always impressed by the ways in which Barry’s Business Partnering function develops the necessary expertise to cope with all of this and delivers the same great service across all my portfolio”

“It’s my own personal finance director and his team which I can dip in and out of whenever it suits”

The Result

We have worked with this client for over four years now, both in a close advisory role and in dealing with all of their financial affairs to keep them in good order.

MJ Goldman have developed a highly efficient accounting infrastructure for the client and are confident our team will deliver the right services and give instant access to whatever financial information they wish to see.

This is how their owner sees our support package:

“I love the solution approach where Barry understands the businesses needs and in some cases tells me what these are and then generates the solutions to deliver them”.

“MJ Goldman offer great value for money as Barry’s Business Partnering function is set up to provide all solutions and outputs from one efficient system. I much prefer liaising with one person for all my needs and they are incredibly responsive to requests usually providing the answers the same day!”