Business Partnering

If you are building an ambitious enterprise, then business partnering can offer vital assistance in reaching your objectives.

Drawing on the extensive real world experience of MJ Goldman senior professionals, we offer a range of business skills that can be harnessed to reach your enterprise’s goals in the near and long-term.

Each client has different requirements, goals and budgets, so we base our business partnering services on the specific needs of your business.

Business Start-up

MJ Goldman specialise in helping establish and growing business start-ups. Even though some start-ups begin with lax systems in place and go on to thrive, we believe that a well-planned and practical framework of structures and systems gives your business a better chance of being a success story. Our well-tested systems work with your particular business needs and with a view to your goals in the immediate and longer-term.

Raising Finance

Even in these more testing times there is finance available to good business built on solid structures that are commercially aware.

MJ Goldman have extensive contacts within the finance community, including the banking and venture capital, to raise the capital you want.

Business Reviews

The rigorous analysis of our business reviews is designed to highlight the areas of your business that require improvement.

Using our business experience, gained at board level, both in-house as well as in practice, we produce reports that accurately assess the current progress of your enterprise.

The results and recommendations are as varied as the businesses we help grow. From the clear picture of your company’s progress, we can develop practical and effective strategies.

Business Planning

MJ Goldman offers business planning from professionals that have managed the process for SMEs to blue chips. We bring this knowledge with a personal interest in each of our clients.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Businesses need systems that produce accurate and insightful reports based on solid bookkeeping, accessible reporting and that are user-friendly for staff. It is the essential bedrock to successful financial planning and delivery for business.

MJ Goldman make sure your MIS is robust and powerful enough to deliver what you want and need, when you have to have it.

Internal Audit

MJ Goldman auditing services are simply about making sure your system is doing what it should: providing you with critical and accurate information that you can review easily.


MJ Goldman provides budgeting, which is based on solid analysis of management accounts and management information systems.

We also provide forecasting services, which are fluid and react to where the business is and where you want to take it.

Growth Consultancy

We should not need to say it but planning is crucial to business success.

Without specific objectives based on insightful analysis and constructive planning companies are liable to drift and fail to reach their potential.

But how do you know your plan is working? The answer is measurement.

MJ Goldman Growth Consultancy covers the complete process for those wishing to concentrate on their day-to-day business with the knowledge that their business is moving towards its goals.

Management Accounts

MJ Goldman provide management accounts from practitioners that have been trained at the top accountancy practices in the country. Moreover our staff have a wide array of experience, from start-ups to multi-million pound businesses – your accounts are in the hands of professionals.

Strategic Planning

MJ Goldman senior executive experience includes planning experience both in-house and from practice, for SMES and blue chips across numerous sectors.

When you work with MJ Goldman you can be sure that this depth of knowledge is working towards your business’ advancement.

We use tried and tested methodology with the aim of providing practical and effective planning.