Personal tax

MJ Goldman offer advice on the most tax efficient way to hold and receive income.

If you are coming to or leaving the UK and whether you have investments or property in the UK or abroad we have the skills and experience you would expect of much larger practices.

For clients that are changing their status to non-residency, MJ Goldman will help you make your change of residency easier. We have a range of international partners that can give you specialist in-country tax advise.


Trusts are often an excellent way to help manage your money over a longer period and to assist you in setting some rules for how you would like your money to be managed should your circumstances change.

Trusts can be a complex area and need to be precisely worded and structured to achieve your end aim and MJ Goldman are experts in assisting in their creation and management.

Corporation tax

MJ Goldman are specialists when it comes to corporation tax.

We have the in-house knowledge to advise on group tax relief as well as specialist relief, sometimes overlooked, such as recovering monies against liabilities for R & D investments.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is currently paid if a person’s estate is worth over £325,000 when they die. This is the current “Inheritance Tax Threshold” and the tax rate is 40% for anything over this amount.

MJ Goldman make sure your estate planning is managed properly to reduce the IHT liabilities of your beneficiaries.

Capital Gains Tax

MJ Goldman provide expert advice on Capital Gains Tax and asset management both for businesses and individuals.

This is a complex area and our tax planning and advice helps you understand your potential liabilities on assets that you own and take advantage of any exemptions and offsets that may be available.

Tax Investigations

MJ Goldman specialise in helping you through a tax investigation should you ever be subject to a formal enquiry into your taxes by HMRC.

This can be a very stressful time and we can work with you and HMRC to come to an acceptable resolution to any issues that arise.