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“MJ Goldman – financial expertise that delivers business results”


At MJ Goldman, we see ourselves as more than just accountants. Yes, naturally we do accounts, but we do much, much more than make sure that tax liabilities are settled on time.
We give our clients a wider ranging, rounded offering of financial services to support your business as it grows towards its goals.


MJ Goldman is about business partnering and advice from practitioners that have worked with the challenging issues and pressures of commerce.


Our senior executives can draw upon experiences gained in-house through financial director and board level positions, from SMEs to blue chips, combining the best of professional practice with the rigours of being in business.

MJ Goldman Business Partnering Services

MJ Goldman Business Partnering Services typifies what makes us more than an accountancy practice. This set of key services enables enterprises to analyse, budget and plan on the strong foundations of tried and tested information systems that work.


If you need to accurately review the position of the business, plan strategy or raise finance, this bespoke service geared towards your specific needs is there. If you want to reward staff with share options or are looking for an exit strategy, we have the experience to reach your goal.


Our clients range from start-ups to multi-million pound turnover companies, many that we have been assisting since they briefed us on their enterprise and its ambitions many years ago. Indeed, our high rate of client retention is a sign that we are doing a great job. If a client has used our virtual financial director service and has grown to the point that it makes sense to transfer the position full-time and in-house, we see that as success.


MJ Goldman is about accessible big business financial experience for start-ups, SMEs and mid-tier firms. It is about having a partner that is with you on your business journey. It is about delivering practical strategies that deliver business results.


Find out why businesses that work with us, stay with us. Contact us on 0161 684 2353.


To help clients succeed. Keep your clients informed about changes in accounting standards, laws, and regulations: It’s important to keep your clients up to date on any changes that might affect their business. This could include changes to accounting standards, tax laws, and other regulations.


To double in size within five years and be a highly tech driven advisory firm that builds great client – partner relationships through our whole team working closely together.



MJ Goldman uses its expertise and passion as long term business partners to help clients achieve success through the provision of proactive compliance and advisory services, supporting growth and giving peace of mind to clients.

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