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Bookkeeping has always been important but with the advent of Real Time Information it is even more so as errors made in areas such as payroll and PAYE immediately impact your dealing with HMRC. Further RTI reporting requirements will come into force over the next few years, increasing the pressure on the bookkeeping function.


To help you overcome these pressures, MJ Goldman provide a range of bookkeeping services both on site and remotely. Some clients choose to drop their receipts and paperwork off with us each month, while others prefer a regular weekly or monthly visit from our team to process the payments and receipts at your premises.


With the advent of cloud computing and accounting software packages such as Xero, an area in which MJ Goldman specialise, we can keep your accounts up-to-date, quickly visible to you and make quarterly VAT and end of year returns much easier to complete.


So if you’re struggling with your paperwork, need to free up some of your own valuable time, or are looking to outsource the function, please give us a call for an initial discussion.

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